Touring Latvia, going beyond visits to the Old City of Riga and the marine landscapes of Jurmala. Gastronomy in Latvia has been developing at an incredible pace as has the number of its creative chefs. The development of micro farming businesses and small specialized food and beverage enterprises, turning regional products into gourmet delights, is amazing. We have diligently chosen those producing the best cheeses and chocolate, baking bread in the traditional artistic manner, providing quality restaurants with poultry and preparing wonderful dinners on splendid country estates.

We have created one, two and seven-day tours in Latvia especially for you. Degustations, dinners, splendid tea parties, meetings with master chefs, pastry cooks and leading designers, calming rural landscapes and architectural wonders—all of these constituting our special adventure tours. We prefer working in small groups of no more than eight participants. We are, though, always prepared to organise individually tailored tours based on your specific requirements and personal wishes.

We strive to introduce you to the most interesting aspects of Baltic cuisine and its gastronomic produce. Incidentally—in calm and welcoming Latvia the landscapes are stunning, the fresh sea air raises your spirits and the architecture pleases the eye. It is difficult to imagine a better place for an undisturbed and peaceful rest.

1 DAY, 140 €/PERSON
Tour for any weather: two the most magnificent manors of Latvia, cooking class on baking pies with bacon and mystical cliffs on the shores of the sea
6 DAYS, 600 €/PERSON
Holidays in Latvia for children and adults: the culinary history, medieval legends, museums, sweets and spring sea