A Fisherman's Dream

Latvian fish cuisine, cheeses and breath-taking coastal panoramas

We will go in the direction of Tallinn for a day to allow you to appreciate the unique coastline, where serene rural life and the delights of freshly caught seafood await you. First we will explore the picturesque farm of Liena Apine where goats, horses and rabbits are bred. Farm dairy produced cheeses and wines await us there. We will continue on to admire the beautiful sandy cliffs and drink a glass of sparkling wine. Then, we shall proceed to make the acquaintance of Arnis, a well-known local potter. His spacious studio attracts art students from all over Europe. His biography would make a superb script for any film producer, while the ceramic ware he creates would make wonderful decorative objects for any kitchen or dining room. Late dinner is waiting for us in the cozy restaurant Meke, which serves Latvian fish dishes. On the way back to Riga we will drink coffee in the "secret" restaurant with a fabulous view of the sea.

Prices: €130 per person (in a group of 5-8 people) or €170 per person (in a group of 2-4 people). 
Included in the prices: all degustations and dinners on the programme, transfers and an accompanying guide. 
Not included in the tour prices: additional alcoholic beverages ordered during dinner in restaurant Meke and souvenirs bought on the tour.

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